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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"A New Day" Indeed

We are familiar with the new slogan of first year football coach Gus Malzahn.

 Every new coach gives the warning that a new sheriff is in town. Nobody really knew quite what to expect from Gus as a head coach. We knew what his offense could do, but beyond that, we were all guessing.

 Malzahn came in with a fresh cup of coffee and ready to go to work. His mantra of a new day was quickly pushed by his staff, and we soon found out from some of the players that things had changed rather drastically for the better. 

 One player, whom I won't mention, used twitter as a release by inferring that he used to be able and go party, stay up late, or whatever the night before workouts. Try that now, and you'll pay for it. The new day had begun in preseason workouts, and all the players found out that Gus meant business.

 Gus also had made himself more available to the media, and the fan base. Throwing out the first pitch at the annual Capitol City Classic baseball game in Montgomery, Alabama is just an example. The media took notice of that, and has embraced it. 

 Once the pads were strapped on and our Tigers hit the practice fields, we have been told the difference in this fast paced edition of the Malzahn offense, and the old version is that there is not a higher authority to throttle back the push. 

 Trovon Reed made it clear that former coach Gene Chizik would purposely slow the pace to give the defense a chance to catch their breath. Not anymore! It's a new day around Auburn, and I for one embrace that idea!

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