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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


It's been well documented on these pages, and elsewhere that the Auburn family is fed up with the antics of the agenda driven media. 

To continually harp on this subject has been seen as jousting with windmills by some, including some of our family members. "there's nothing you can do about it" has been the standard rebuttal to all of our complaints. Not anymore.

After the most recent events of the Roopstigo dot com lies, and ESPN's slanderous hit piece on Auburn, the Athletic Department has decided to hit back. This writer says it's about damn time! To say that my patience has run a little thin would be putting things mildly. 

I am fired up about the recent energy seen from Jay Jacobs. My hope is that this is an underlying current that has been well established inside the legal department at Auburn, and that Jay has just now been let loose to actually speak his mind. We need to attack those that continually attack us. When they lie, falsely accuse, and slander our great institution we need to set the record straight, and where we can, take legal action.

The one big problem with all this? That big elephant in the room, ESPN. Most of you will appreciate the elephant reference with ESPN's name. 

As we speak, the SEC is moving forward with the SEC Network in conjunction with ESPN, and the vast majority of the conference TV money stems from the TV deal with ESPN. Auburn University is left in a conundrum. Do we snap back at the hand that feeds us? Are we going to stay silent while our cash flow is in the hands of someone that obviously has an agenda? We shall see.

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