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Sunday, March 17, 2013

You Were There

 Without a doubt we have had more response to this game than any other. Way more than the trip to the desert, 3 times as many, and more than the first signature win of the Gene Chizik era, the "Rain Game" vs West Virginia.

 2010 was a special year for most Auburn fans.The single most talked about game from a season that gave us many special moments is the Iron Bowl. Auburn had come from behind so many times that season, that Eli Gold, the famous announcer of the Tide, and NASCAR fame commented that Alabama had to keep their collective feet on the throat of the Tigers, or else allow Auburn a chance to get the momentum and take a shot at coming back. His worries proved prophetic.

 Patricia commented: The Alabama game 2010. The consequences of not winning were so high and 2 come back and win and in Tuscaloosa--priceless. Enjoy the video.

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