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Thursday, March 21, 2013

You Were There: 1984 Sugar Bowl

Football games & Tiger Walk are a Family Tradition at Auburn

 Watching the Auburn Tigers has been and always will be a family affair. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are indeed a family. The Auburn family. I may not know your name, but a warming "War Eagle" from you, will draw a smile from my lips every single time. 

 So it is with Christy and her family. She writes: I think the one I always think of first is the 1984 Sugar Bowl. My parents, sister, grandparent, and aunt and uncle were there. Yes, I was in the 2nd grade, but I was there. What I remember most are two things. 1- We were leading 3-0 when we went to the concession stand. My sister, who would have been about 4, stuck her tongue out at a little girl wearing a Michigan shirt. We got back to our seats to see Michigan score...when my belief in 'sports karma' began. The other thing I remember is that my sister got to stay in New Orleans with my grandparents. My parents drove me back that night and I went to school the next day!

 Lets look back at that game. Auburn had one of the best defenses in the country and so did Michigan. Auburn fumbled the ball four times losing three of them, and that stallwart UM defense gave up only 21 yards passing. Randy Campbell, the AU quarterback threw the ball only six times during the game. He completed two of those passes, and had one intercepted.

 Auburn couldn't score a TD against the Wolverines, and won the game on the leg of Al Del Greco and their own stingy defense.

 Pat Dye had this to say afterwards: “I’m really very humble right now,” said Auburn coach Pat Dye. “I’m not so sure I hadn’t rather been played Nebraska or Miami tonight than Michigan the way they were playing. Coach Schembechler had them ready. They played like we felt they would. They played good enough to deserve better.” Read more by clicking on this link.  

 There is a neat story and quote in this post from The Michigan Athletic Victors. Just click HERE
 It was Auburn's first SEC Championship in the Pat Dye era. A 23-20 victory over Alabama gave the Tigers a lot of confidence heading into the post season.

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