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Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break Exam

Spring Break, there is nothing else like it. image courtesy of Google images

 It's Spring Break, and the kids are gone to the beach, Time to rest, right? Wrong! Today we are going to take a test. Let's see how many you can answer.

 I have some questions about this football team of ours as we head into Spring. I'll pose some of these questions, and would ask you to please feel free to give me your opinion in the comments section. Let's keep it fun, and start with an easy one. I think you know me better than that, right?

 Question #1- How many wins do you expect this team to have at the end of the regular season? 

 Question #2- What teams on our schedule do you expect to lose to. Note: If you say we will lose three games next season, name the three teams here.

 Question#3- Will Tre Mason be the starter at the RB position, and will he gain over 1,000 yards  during the season ? If you answer yes to the first part, then you must also answer the second part.

 Question #4- Will this be the year that Trovon Reed matures into the play maker that we were led to believe that he could be?

 Question #5- Will Auburn's defense return to playing SEC caliber defense? Meaning, will they be able to hold their own during the heart of our conference schedule against SEC caliber teams. 

 Question #6- Who will be named as starter at the QB position? 

 Question #7- Phillip Lutzenkirchen made the H-Back position in Gus Malzahn's offense a viable weapon that other teams really had to account for. Who will win this position this season? Note; The early contestants for this are C.J. Uzomah, Jay Prosch, Brandon Fulse, but you can name anyone you want.

 Question #8- Who will step up on offense, and become the primary pass receiver for Auburn this year?

 Thanks for playing along. We will come back after the season starts and revisit these questions, to see how close any of us may have been. Enjoy your Spring Break.


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