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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

For Gus Timing Is Everything

Gus Malzahn may have stepped into his position as head football coach of Auburn University at the exact right time for Auburn, and Gus. 

  I had to think about how I felt, and what emotions I was feeling about this subject before writing this.  For now, we have to be content to be anxious about the upcoming season. The twisted framing of the previous sentence may need explaining.

 As much as I enjoy Auburn football, and want the season to be here, right now! I know that our team needs time. Time to relearn their craft. 

 After all, these players are learning their third offense and defense in as many years. Changes in coaches, coordinators, and ultimately the entire staff dictate that it will take time to get this accomplished. Maybe even more than one season.

  Have we finally found an answer to the Nick Saban machine? Only time will tell. Without comparison, Saban has a great working formula in Tuscaloosa. 

 Gene Chizik's biggest mistake was trying to copy that formula. While imitation is the highest form of flattery, a Gucci and a Gucci-novski are two completely different things. Most Auburn faithful don't want to be a "copy", we have forever branded ourselves as family, why would we want to be a clone to any machine? 

 Auburn is the foundation upon which we build our Championship hopes.  Auburn is the place where hard work pays off. We believe in work, hard work. We say that in our creed. If Gus Malzahn has proven anything since he was tabbed as the man, he will work. 

 While I sit here anxiously awaiting the start of the Auburn football season, I can comfort myself with the knowledge that Gus is working to get our beloved Auburn back to the top. Right on time....

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