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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Auburn/UGA Softball Series

The Auburn Softball Team began a 3 game series with the Georgia Bulldogs last night and came away with a 7-5 victory. I was concerned about the mental state of this team after the Haley Fagan incident and the surprising resignation of Corey Myers, but this team performed well. It was the 6th straight win against the Georgia Bulldogs and I just wish that I could say the same for Auburn Football.

Kaylee Carlson is now 17-1 and pitched a complete game with only 3 earned runs. The Bulldogs allowed 11 walks and Carlee Wallace and Kendall Veach each had two hits. Haley Fagan had a career high 4 walks and scored 3 runs. This Auburn Softball Team will certainly make an opposing pitcher work. The hitters are very good at waiting on the best pitch to hit causing pitch counts to rise.

An Auburn player to watch is Alyssa Rivera in right field. She made two nice catches yesterday that helped Auburn get this victory. She made an outstanding one handed catch in foul territory in the 7th inning. She is fearless when going after the fly balls. 

The two teams will meet again tonight at 6 p.m. 

War Eagle and enjoy the game.
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