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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Another Summer - Another QB Battle

photo by Julie Bennett courtesy of sports

The talk is cheap crowd have already tabbed Jarrett Stidham as Auburn's starting QB heading into the season that is still 5 months away. 

One sports writer actually fired a shot toward the University of Alabama! They said with Stidham at QB, Auburn is a contender.

Let me be the voice of reason, and pump the brakes on this. Actually, I'm leaning heavily on the brake pedal and the anti lock device is screaming.

I'll be the first to admit that Stidham looked very good in his A Day performance. 16 of 20 passing for 167 yards. He was every bit the QB we were told he was when he chose to attend Auburn.

In 2016 Sean White went 133 completions on 288 attempts. White tossed 9 TD passes and only threw 3 interceptions. 

Lets examine what the big differences are this year. One, Auburn has a new offensive coordinator. Chip Lindsey is known as a QB coach, and has been labeled by some as a guru. 

Two, Gus Malzahn has handed over the offense completely to Chip Lindsey. Where former offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee ran Gus Malzahn's offense, Lindsey has free reign to run his own offense, and call his own plays.

Given that Lindsey is a QB's coach, Sean White still has a chance to make a run at holding onto his starting spot as the Auburn QB. In Lauren Shute's article, Sean White admitted to a slight disadvantage: 

“I mean [Stidham] probably has a little bit of an edge just because,” White said. “I mean I have to admit, because he’s been through spring and been scrimmaging and gotten more reps than me.”

But from what we have seen from White in the past, he won't go down easily. He is a scrappy competitor. 
So don't go handing out that starting spot just yet. 

War Eagle!

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