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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My A Day Expectations

Beautiful weather expected Saturday

There are several things I expect to see (on film) when I get to watch the replay of the A Day game at Auburn this coming Saturday.  

On the offensive side of the ball, our Tigers must replace three very good offensive linemen. Each of which could be seen taken in this upcoming NFL Draft. 

Alex Kozan, Xavier Dampeer, and Robert Leff took with them 30 starts from last season.

How much passing we will see is dependent on how much Gus Malzahn and Chip Lindsey allow in a spring game.

Malzahn has already been quoted in the media stating he is "Guarded, probably more than most coaches and I need to be." So don't expect to see a lot of new wrinkles. 

Auburn is returning it's most experienced defense in quite some time. I give you this from Justin Ferguson over at SEC Country:

"Now that Matthews is officially staying in school, Auburn could return up to 17 offensive and defensive starters in 2017, depending on what one calls a “returning starter.” But even the most conservative of definitions would give Auburn more returning starters for 2017 than it has in any of its last 12 seasons."

This news bodes well for the Auburn team in the fall. Alas, it probably means a less than spectacular spring game for the fans.

The defense is more experienced, and not learning a new system since 2014. The offense is still trying to find a QB, while learning from its new coordinator. 

Still, Coach Malzahn said the game would probably feature "1's versus the 2's" so anything can happen.

The weather will be-AU-tiful, and Auburn is always great to visit. 

War Eagle!
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