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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Looking at Auburn's "O" Line

Now that we can all breathe a little easier about Auburn's RB position and the storm that ensued the dismissal of Jovon Robinson, lets talk about the offense in general.

We will break it down by positions. Today we start with the linemen.

The strength of any offense in the SEC is the line. Without stellar play from this group, Auburn will have struggles. Any team would. As the fall camp continues, we must pray that all of our guys get thru to the start of the season injury free.

Yes, there are some subtle changes. That's the benefit of having trained at most positions along the line for these guys. As Robert Leff said in the video above, learning, and training for "everything happening on the opposite side" of his body is starting to become second nature. 

Tom Green of said this in a recent report: "By the end of spring, Golson, Leff and Dampeer settled into their new roles and solidified their spots on the line alongside returning guards Kozan and Braden Smith."

That appears to be the starting lineup for Auburn as this is written.  With a little luck, and lots of hard work, this unit should be much improved over last season.

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