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Monday, August 22, 2016

Getting Ready for Clemson

Looking too far ahead for any football team is a dangerous proposition. They must play each week, as they come. Preparation and hard work are the keys to success in the off season. 

It is said that every combatant has a plan until they are hit in the mouth. 

Who will flinch? The team with all the expectations, or the team nobody expects to do well?

By all accounts the Auburn football team has been hard at work. Focused and on the mission. The team's slogan for 2016 is "EARN IT."  On September 3rd inside Jordan-Hare Stadium the long wait for the football season will end. 

This off season has been quite different from any I have seen. This team has an air of quiet confidence. I like that. My personal opinion is this attitude will carry this team. 

In 1993, Auburn wasn't picked to be very good. They ran the table. In 2004, Auburn wasn't picked to be very good. They ran table again. Again in 2010, 2013. Same basic scenario.  The Tigers from The Loveliest Village On the Plains are not favorably ranked once again. Will history repeat itself?

Listen to Linebacker Cameron Toney as he talks with the media. Words like "MY TEAM" & "MY GUYS" are used without hesitation. Toney has taken ownership of his position, and his role on this team. This is a contagious attitude. One I hope has spread like wildfire.

It's always the little things that make or break any endeavor. Looking in from the outside, the appearance is, these little things are being addressed. Taken care of, if you will. 

Auburn is earnestly prepping for Clemson. All of the focus is now on hitting Clemson in the mouth, and changing their plans.

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