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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Preseason Waterpark Ride

Interesting discussion yesterday on Twitter. Can Auburn, specifically Gus Malzahn, win Championships without a mobile quarterback?

I believe his resume' at Tulsa says he can. 

In 2007 Paul Smith was the QB for the Golden Hurricane. He had less than 300 yards rushing for the season, and these were his passing stats: 
Gms. Comp.  At.    Pct.  Yards   Yds./Att  TDs     Int      Rating

14    327       544   60.1   5065      9.3
          47        19       159.8                  

Tulsa had the #1 rated overall offense in the country in 2007

I'd love to read your thoughts in the comment section

Many believe that the Auburn defense is the reason the Tigers are sitting at 4-3 instead of 6-1. That could be true, and the first one to admit there is plenty of work to still be done is Will Muschamp, the defensive coordinator at Auburn. 

Below is an interview provided by and Phillip Marshall

Auburn can win with so called pocket style passer at QB, the defense needs to perform better than it has since 2008/2009. Coach Muschamp is the guy to get things done, it will just take time.

I wrote preseason, expect to be preseason favorites. That is how championship programs are built! We must accept that we will not win the championship every season, but we must become more familiar with championship expectations.
Becoming more acclimated with highly ranked preseason expectations also means we must become more acceptable of seasonal fluctuations of greatness. An ebb and flow exist even in the best programs. Like a ride in a water park, we must understand the ride will have exciting moments, and moments to relax and catch our breath. Lets learn to enjoy the ride.

War Eagle!
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