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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kentucky Gameday Poem

Our Auburn men have had their share of adversity; Continuously being put to the test!!
Unable as yet to have explosive plays, Which is what Auburn usually does best!!

Auburn Tigers have a new found energy! They show perseverance and resolve!!
As they continue to work diligently a great team of Auburn Tigers is sure to evolve!!

With each game we see some improvement, As they scratch and claw their way to the top!!
Proving they have a strong determination; And their desire for victory will never stop!!

Let's keep the faith in Our Auburn Tigers, We must Support their efforts and believe !!!
With much hard work and Auburn Devotion, A new greatness will soon be achieved!!

This Thursday night in Kentucky, Plan to witness an AUSOME rebirth!!
While bringing back speed and urgency, Our Auburn Men will soon prove their worth!!!

We stand behind you Auburn Tigers! We remain devoted to the Orange and Blue!!
Stay true to the Auburn Tradition! We are your Auburn Family, forever true!!

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