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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Homecoming Poem

AUBURN vs San Jose State

Homecoming is always beautiful,
When October arrives on the plains!!
No matter how far life has taken us,
Auburn Tiger love for family remains!!

So, What better time than now, 
For Auburn family to come together?
To offer a place of comfort and love,
Even in stormy weather!

Even when life is plagued with disappointments;
And our foundation is put to the test,
There is no better place to be than with family;
Where in loving arms we can rest!!

Coming home is a time for renewal;
For reconstruction and righting some wrongs!!
Bringing values back into perspective;
Getting down to basics where we belong!!

As soon as the front door is opened,
We are engulfed with the sweet smells of home!!
Reminded we are in this together;
With family love,  we are never alone!!

So welcome back home Auburn Tigers!!
Remember our slogan, “Count on me”!
When one man hurts, we all feel the pain!!
We must protect our family tree!

Keep moving forward with heads held high!!
With pride for Auburn and a heart full of love,
Never give up!! Stay in the fight!

It's not too late to turn things  around!!

Poetic Tiger

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