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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Coordinator Talk

photo by Dave Martin/AP

After what many are calling a successful spring for the Auburn Tigers I wanted to take a closer look at what the two coordinators have to say about some of the players and the actual progress made.

First let's start with the offense. Rhett Lashlee is in charge of the Auburn offense. Let's face it, it's Gus Malzahn's offense, but nobody knows it better than Lashlee.

This offense has proven it can score points on the best defenses in the country. Getting better and faster will create even more nightmares for those who have to plan to stop it.

photo by Chris O'Meara/AP

Defensively, Coach Malzahn made the call to start over with a different philosophy. Will Muschamp was tabbed to improve Auburn's defense. Muschamp is a proven coach with a tremendous resume' and head coaching experience. 

Auburn's defense has only had the spring to learn new terminology, and apply the new system to their play on the field. For such a short time, the change was evident. That change defensively was well received by the Auburn family. 

Over the summer the Tigers need to keep developing chemistry. They need to work on the fundamentals. Most of all, they need to stay out of trouble, and avoid the injury bug. I have a feeling this off-season, we won't be disappointed.

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