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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

All the Good Things

Recently, the sports world lost one of its greatest members. Lauren Hill showed the world everything that is good and right about college sports. I will always remember seeing her story for the first time. I do not think at that time I could fathom how strong she was. I still don't think I really can. She showed extreme courage every single day.  When CBS did the story to announce her death, there was a look back on the things she had done, including playing in a basketball game and raise a ton of money (but not at the same time).  It was an amazing thing to see. I am so glad that the right decisions were made to allow that game to happen early so she could play. I wish I could have been there. That can be something that her teammates can tell their grandchildren about.  I do not know a single person that would have rooted against her.That last story is always the best one on the news.

My point is so much of the time, we hear about everything negative about college or pro athletes. We hardly ever hear about the good things, like Warrick Dunn helping single moms buy houses, Cam Newton mentoring kids, or the things that Peyton Manning gives money and time. Stories attract more attention when they are about guns, drugs or alcohol. We as a society do not spend enough time on the people like Lauren , who make a difference where they can.

 Lauren looked for the good every day. She found a place where she could make a difference and she did it.  We all need an ounce of the courage and goodness that she had. I think the world is absolutely a better place  because she was in it. That day - that game- showed everything that is good and perfect about sports of all levels. Thank you, Lauren for the things you did in your short time on this planet. If I can make a tenth of an impact that you did,  I would know that I did the things that I needed to do. Let's start tomorrow and do something good where we can. Do it for Lauren because she did it for us. 
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