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Friday, April 10, 2015

Quarterback Lesson: Be Ready At All Times

Keys to being ready for any backup Quraeterback are simple. Keep your head in the game.

In 1993 Auburn faced a 4th down with the odds stacked against them. Their starting QB Stan White had just been sacked by the Alabama defense. Trotting onto the field without any time to warm up, Patrick Nix, a Red-shirt Sophomore faced what some described as impossible odds. He was a sacrificial lamb trotted onto the field of slaughter in the most heated rivalry in all of sports. The Iron Bowl!

His head coach, Terry Bowden, knew Pat had zero time to warmup. The adjustments were made. The primary receiver was moved to the short side of the field, and the play call was to lob the pass upwards, and let the Auburn receiver make the catch.

It worked to perfection.

Fast forward to just last season. Ohio State went through the entire season with not just one QB getting hurt, but both the starter and the backup were injured. 

As the team made the college football playoffs, nobody gave them a chance to win vs. Alabama
yet that is what happened. Then it was expected that the 3rd string signal caller would crumble at the pressure of the National Championship game. Nope. 

Ohio State went on to win it all with 3 different QB's starting during the season and post season.

Auburn's presumed starter will be Jeremy Johnson. We have even stated that the job is his to lose. Yet, what many do not realize is that our Tigers have a very talented and capable man challenging Jeremy for the starting job. His name is Sean White. 

Sean won the MVP in the Jon Gruden Quarterback "Elite Eleven" Quarterback camp and competition. 

The Auburn QB's should be acutely aware of this. After all, they are just one play away from winning it all.
War Eagle!

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