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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Thumbs Up?


Jay Jacobs dismissed Auburn's basketball coach, Tony Barbee immediately following the opening round loss in the SEC tournament. Barbee was 0-4 in the conference tournament, and had a losing record each season while he was at Auburn.

Whether you agree with the decision to go in a different direction or not makes no difference at this point. The time has come to move on, and the search for Barbee's replacement has begun. Just who will be in contention for the job is anybody's guess. One thing for certain, Auburn has a unique position when it comes to the name on the top of that list. Bruce Pearl.

Auburn's Associate A.D. of compliance Dave Didion, was on the NCAA infractions committee that investigated Pearl for NCAA violations while at Tennessee. I won't go into the charges here, it's old news. Pearl has paid his price for the infractions, and will have his "show cause" lifted in August. Well ahead of the start of the basketball season.

Jay Jacobs is said to be the sole person in the search for the new basketball coach.Without a doubt Dave Didion has all the inside information on the Pearl case. Some of which, I am sure can not be disclosed even to Jacobs. That should not be a problem for Jay Jacobs.  He only needs to ask Mr. Didion one question. Do I have a thumbs up on pursuing Bruce Pearl for the Auburn basketball job? 

We will all know the answer soon enough.

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