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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pearl Jams!

Auburn's Athletic Director Jay Jacobs announced yesterday that Bruce Pearl was chosen to be the next basketball coach for the ailing program. Jacobs had been derided by many fans and alum alike as early as a year ago. What Jay Jacobs has done is respond with a show of force. Not toward the fans, instead, for the fans. 

It started with the hiring of a proven women's basketball coach in Terry Williams-Flournoy. Then it quickly snowballed in the hiring of a new football coach in Gus Malzahn, proven winners in their respective fields Clint Myers for the softball program, and Sunny Galloway for baseball. 

With the hiring of Pearl, Jacobs has sent a message to the rest of the country. Auburn University will not take a backseat to anyone. Auburn will be able to compete with anyone in any sport, and be able to contend for championships!

The hiring of Pearl has energized a frustrated fan base, and immediately brought excitement to a disenchanted student section. Here some videos from various sites starting with the arrival of Coach Pearl. Click on the highlighted links if the video does not come up for you.

Start by checking what our friends at The War Eagle Reader have on ESPN's show PTI about Pearl.

From Jason Caldwell

Then Coach Pearl was announced as the new Men's Basketball coach at Auburn University.  Video is by Bryan Mathews

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