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Friday, July 5, 2013

You Were There: A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten

 This week we have posted some great performances of  patriotism by various artists singing about our country and our freedoms. It's with that spirit that we present to you today, the most important day in Auburn football history. Our Independence Day, if you will.

 Auburn had struggled with several other schools to get them to play home and home series with the Tigers. Tennessee was one of the last to cave in and accept that Auburn was "worthy" of hosting them at Cliff Hare stadium. It was our arch rivals however, who had vowed that they would never play a home and home at then named Jordan-Hare stadium. They were wrong, and they paid a price for being wrong on that fateful day.

 With national title aspirations Alabama wanted nothing more that to prove the Tigers and their home were not up to the task of hosting the Tide.

 I have stated many times, that you could have dressed out the 1963 Green Bay Packers in those putrid Crimson and White uniforms, and our boys would have whooped them anyway!

 There was a palpable emotion hanging in the air. There were tears, there was vengeance, and there was Pat Dye, who had done what nobody else could ever do. It was the dogged insistence of Dye that the Iron Bowl be a showcase game at Auburn!  

Alabama could play their home games wherever the heck they wanted to, Auburn people want to play their home games at Jordan-Hare! 

War Damn Eagle!

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