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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Vacation: Hillbilly Style

The tombstone at the Flight 93 Memorial. God Bless America!

 Hello everyone, and War Eagle!

I have just returned from a vacation in the West Virginia mountains with family in tow. My wife's family is from the Northeastern part of West By-God. That little finger that sticks between Maryland, and Pennsylvania. A family reunion was in order, with plenty of food and memories to pass around.

We barely had phone service in the park where we camped, so internet and keeping up with all the Auburn news was very difficult. Forget writing about our warriors in orange and navy. To say I am happy to be home is an understatement. Funny thing how I have become accustomed to such things as a weather app, weather radar, and my time on the social media networks. Yes, I missed you guys. There. I said it.

Enough about me. It's the time of year that we get serious about Auburn football. The start of two-a-days is upon us. Many questions surround this team, and with a new head coach, and staff installing different philosophies, different playbooks, and different attitudes to the task, we are all full of anticipation.

 Recruiting is going fantastic, but it's a long, long way to National Signing Day.

You may have noticed that we have a small group of people on our contributors list. None of us are "reporters". We will not be bringing you breaking news before anyone else does. That is not why we are here.

 We will not bash any Auburn athlete, nor will we bash any Auburn coach in any of our sports. We will tell it like we see it from time to time, but Auburn itself is very near and dear to all of us, so tearing her down is not what you will find on these pages.

You can follow the blog on Twitter at @AUTigerBloggin and on Facebook. Like us, follow us, and please feel free to comment anytime you wish. You may also consider following our list of contributors on Twitter as well, they are a great group of folks!

As the great Jim Fyffe used to say at the end of each of his broadcasts: My time is up, I thank you for yours.

War Eagle!

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