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Friday, July 19, 2013

Media Days

Hi everyone, its Christy. I just returned from a camping trip. Klell asked me to post but I was unavailable until today. I did not get to see much of Media Days until it was over. I was pleased with the representatives. I wish there could have been some other guys as well. However, I think the choices were terrific.

Chris Davis- I have read several players comment that Chris has been quiet in the past, but has stepped up and become a leader on the team in the captain's practices and workouts. I am pleased to hear/read that because we are in need of leadership. Everything sounds great, so I am always pleased to hear of a new leader.

Dee Ford- Although he has been plagued by injuries, it seems he has always tried to help out with team motivation. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of him hulking on that little stool to play the piano. If you haven't heard him, he is actually really talented! He's just...large! I cannot wait to see what we get out of him this year. He has an outgoing personality and he mostly seems upbeat and positive to me!

Jay Prosch- As we all know, Jay went through so much last year. I don't think you just recover from the death of your mom, even if you put on a brave face! Jay is one strong dude! I cannot wait to see what he can do in the new offense. I think if it came down to it, he could be a ground-and-pound running back. In that one game last year, he pushed the pile! He was so impressive, almost every time he got the chance. This is a guy that makes good choices. I think he makes a nice leader on the team.

One thing I have noticed is there are so many of the players that have experienced tragedies. There are several of them who have lost their moms or their dads. I know everyone has a sob story, but I like to see kiddos who overcome the bad things and turn them into good. I know they have to have some help to do that- and I think Coach M is the man for the job!

Just some thoughts from me, no real news or anything! War Eagle! 43 days!
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