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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conference Expansion

That's the big talk around the SEC this week and rightfully so.
The Big Ten conference has been talking about expanding their conference to 12 or 14 and even 16 teams.
Coach Joe Paterno said last week in an interview that he endorses an expansion to 14 teams.
With all this in mind, we have a few links for your perusal, come back and talk about it here if you like.

If you read all the stories above, then you know my stance on this.
For those of you who didn't read them here is a recap.

Should the SEC decide to expand, and this seems more likely than not, they should really consider looking at four divisions of SEC play for basketball and football. There could be a final four series in Atlanta every year. First look at the TV exposure this would be a tremendous draw for many of the nations top schools.
Second the TV contract could be renegotiated to include the expansion filling schools. Use the basketball, and football teams that are normally very good as a determinate to choose which schools to invite into the SEC.

These options would be so overwhelming to all but the most financially able schools that it would be very hard for them to turn down the invitation.

I certainly hope as stated earlier it does not come to expansion for the conferences. If it does however, I hope the SEC takes the initiative to include some of the schools that could benefit from joining the SEC and add to the quality of the SEC as well.
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