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Friday, April 16, 2010

Auburn’s Achilles’ heel for 2010

I keep going over what might keep Auburn from having a truly great breakout year in 2010. In spite of the lack of evidence, the consensus is, that the offense will be much improved.

A second year with same coaching staff has many advantages of course. Auburn has the only 100% returning staff in the SEC in 2010.

The question still keeps hammering away at my pea sized knowledge center, and I am most concerned about the defensive line. The starting group may be very good, if yet unproven, the back ups however have very little playing time, and are as green as group Auburn has at second string.

Let’s look at the starters first. Make your claims at who might actually start if you wish, these are the seniors.

#93 Mike Blanc 6’4” 289 Senior

#45 Antoine Carter 6’4” 260 Senior

#98 Zach Clayton 6’3” 295 Senior

#49 Michael Goggans 6’3” 261 Senior

The other gentlemen working hard to either get in the rotation or possibly start are:
#90 Nick Fairley 6'5" 314 Jr.

#95 Dee Ford 6'4" 233 So.

#94 Nosa Equae 6’2” 249 RS Fresh

#40 Robert Hill 6’1” 239 Jr.

#60 Joe Jones 5’11” 308 RS Fresh

#97 Derrick Lykes 6’2” 281 So.

#13 Craig Sanders 6’4” 240 Fr.

#74 Jamar Travis 6’0” 290 So.
The player’s names and specifics come via the Aufficial Auburn site.

As you can see the concern I have about this unit is brought upon by two things. One is a lack of playing experience the backups have. Indeed some of them I would venture, you have never even heard of until now.

There is a tremendously wide gap in the experience levels of the seniors and the backups.

Two the total numbers of bodies are severely low for this unit as well.

With last year’s numbers against the run nothing to brag about, it leaves an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing the lack of depth here. It will more than likely take two more very good recruiting classes at this position to see Auburn’s run defense shine as in year’s past.
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