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Saturday, May 1, 2010


How and why do I love Auburn University?

I never attended classes there. I never lived in Auburn. I can honestly say I have been visiting Auburn since the 1970’s. I was a fan of the football team years before then, although I truly fell in love with Auburn the first time I visited there in 1972.

I was a member of my high schools vocational agriculture land judging team. We went to Auburn to learn more about land characteristics and to compete in an event. I cannot remember who won, or if we did well.

I can however tell you that Auburn has stuck ever since. I was as enamored with those beautiful grounds as I had been with any girl until then.

I will not make any excuses my family could not afford to send me to Auburn. It’s a good thing for me in a selfish sense, because I met my wife of nearly 32 years the next year at a Technical College.

Now I have heard that to truly love a place you must attend school there, or live there. For the most part I would agree, except with Auburn. The old girl just draws her lovers close, keeps them warm and comfortable.

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