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Monday, March 22, 2010

Previously we looked at the offense and the questions surrounding that side of the ball that Auburn must answer, sooner rather than later. Now we will look at...

Defensive back is a place with the most questions, and if all can remain healthy, the most promise. A virtual plethora of returning Tigers with experience are to be found at DB this spring. Safeties, Corner backs, and extra package specialists abound, so the question is...
Can Auburn get good luck at this position for a change and dominate the passing game defensively?

Linebackers, as we found out last year are a rarity, for the Tigers. At least until the fall practice starts, Auburn is desperately thin at this position. Even with Darren Bates moving to LB and Jessell Curry enrolling early, the Tigers are only two deep without much experience past the starting three.
Can the Tigers find a way to get the most out of the newcomers at Linebacker?

Defensive lineman are the real backbone to previous Auburn defenses. The legends that played here are numerous, and very talented. Including the coach at this position, Tracy Rocker.
Can anyone step up and dominate the way Auburn fans are accustomed to seeing?

Auburn has a chance for a really exciting and memorable season in 2010. Getting thru the spring, and fall without major injuries will be a welcome relief, and something Auburn has not seen in several years.
Here's to hoping, and praying for a safe and productive spring practice.

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