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Monday, March 8, 2010

The dream exists in Auburn fans minds that "we" can have a Championship team this coming season. This of course is possible, but highly unlikely. It would seem to be an unrealistic expectation to make the jump into the National spotlight after just one and a half recruiting classes this staff has assmbled.
Auburn fans would be wise to remember that most of last years class was recruited by the former coaching staff.
Still, this coaching staff that Coach Chizik has employed has all the right characteristics to get the most from their players.
It's nice to dream, that's our job as fans
The key will be what Coach Chizik and his staff will do for an encore on the recruiting front in February of 2011.
The most pressing needs for the '11 class will be Offensive, and Defensive linemen. Here's my list of where Auburn needs to fill in for graduating players, and attrition. The numbers go like this...

Offensive Line - 4
Defensive Line - 6
Linebackers - 3
Defensive Backs and/or Safties - 3
Running Backs - 3
Quarterbacks - 3
Wide Recievers/Tightends - 3
Athletes - 3

I know the number exceeds 25, alas it is till within the 28 allowed by the SEC
Let's hear what you think.

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