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Monday, March 22, 2010

Questions -That Need Answers

Good morning and War Eagle everyone.
Today we will look at the most pressing needs at Auburn for spring practice, and ask a question of each, and then after the A-Day game we will take a look at whether Auburn addressed those needs or not.


Returning two experienced wide outs is a huge plus for the 2010 Tigers, although that missing third receiver that Coach Taylor was looking for last season never really emerged. So the only question here is..
Who will step up and TAKE the third wide out role?

On the offensive line, Auburn is returning probably the best unit in America. With only the departure of Andrew McCain, the question here is...
What will the coaches decide to do about filling an empty right side O-Line spot?

At running back, Auburn graduated one of the best ever to play the game in an Orange and Blue jersey, Ben Tate.
Coach Chizik has stated in a press conference that Mario Fannin will get the chance to fill those shoes. The question is..
Can Mario Fannin become a workhorse at tailback at Auburn?

Tight ends are something of a misnomer in Gus Malzhan's offensive scheme. They truly must be able to block for run support, just not always the defensive tackle or outside linebacker. These guys have to be able to run fast enough to stay ahead of the play and pick out whomever is going to a threat and eliminate that threat, even if it is a defensive back. Plus the position requires precise route running, great hands, and the ability to be able to scramble around to help the QB if other passing options fail.
Fortunately for Auburn we have Mr. Everything as far as tight ends goes in one Phillip Lutzenkirchen.
The only question here is..
Who will be his back up?
Now for the question on everyone's mind.
It's a multi-part query, with several twists.
Can Cameron Newton win the starting QB job in the spring?
If so, Can Mr. Newton grasp Gus Malzhan's complicated offense by the time the season starts?
If not, Who will win the job?
Who will be the backup QB in the rotation?
Can Auburn win 10 games this season if Cameron Newton doesn't win the job?

As you can see there are a lot of questions surrounding this Auburn Tiger team. If you allow for injuries, and rotation, Auburn may still be a couple of years away from contending regularly for the SEC crown.

Tomorrow we will try and look at the defense.

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