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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Quarterbacks, Darts, and Predictions

Fact: I am seldom spot on with my predictions. Whether it's a score for any certain game, or a season long record prognostication. Actually I would be better off throwing a dart blindfolded at any chart, than trying to predict outcomes accurately.

Case in point: I made the statement "Jarrett Stidham would have to be a true stud to step into Gus' offense and take the starting job away from a 3 year starter in Sean White." Ha! 

Shows you how much I know. It's no longer going to be Gus' offense that is run at Auburn. Listen to the introductory news conference of Auburn's new Offensive Coordinator Chip Lindsey. 

Lindsey will run his offense. Lindsey will be responsible for developing QB's and play calling. Gus will no longer be directly involved in play calling. 

Add to my "oh so wrong" ability of seeing the future, Gus told the media Sean White has a broken arm that he suffered during the opening drive of the Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma. Due to that, White will only be able to be a witness to Auburn's spring practices, and annual A Day game.

Lets look at the new criteria. 

*New Offensive Coordinator with possibly new terminology, and lots of new plays.
*The reigning starter at QB has a broke arm, and will not participate in practice during the Spring.
*Auburn plays the two teams that played in the previous two national championship games. 

After compiling all the evidence, it's easy to make a competent, accurate, and professional prediction for next season. 

Jarrett Stidham will lead Auburn to an undefeated season and another National Championship! At least, that's where the dart landed on the chart. 

War Eagle!
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