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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Frustration & Why It's Understandable

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Many Auburn fans are frustrated with the way things turned out this season. 

I get the frustration. I know that for some, a clear a viable reason has to be, so they can justify their emotions. The thought of our cross state rival doing so well, again, has them bitterly disappointed in our overall record. 

I would bet every person on that Auburn team is disappointed as well. Understandable, because we are expecting greatness. All of us. 

We were promised that Auburn would be playing for championships. 

There is not an Auburn player or fan that did not wish for things to be better. 

Ask yourself this: What was the number one overall problem that kept this team from reaching its potential?

The answer is simple. It was Quarterback play. When our QB's played well, the team went on a 6-0 run. When our QB's didn't play well, our team struggled. 

We all know injuries play a big role in any teams success during the course of a season. Auburn had two areas where depth was a concern. Linebacker, and Quarterback. The LB's didn't suffer very many injuries. Our one true starting QB did.

So did the phenom Woody Barrett, whom it was hoped, would play some this season. Things happened outside of our coaches control. Barrett was late to arrive to Auburn, and then in his first week of fall practice, Barrett suffered an injury.

A couple of very good QB's have been recruited, and one is already on campus. The onus is squarely on this coaching staff to develop more than one QB and have them ready to lead this team next season. It is imperative. 

I don't think I'm out of line at all to say their jobs are very likely at risk if they fail to do so. 

Here's to hoping the injury bug stays away from Auburn next season. 

War Eagle!
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