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Saturday, March 14, 2015

"You've Done Yourselves Proud"

As a tearful Bruce Pearl spoke to his team in the locker-room after a stunning upset of LSU in the SEC Basketball Tournament, he gave a life lesson from his heart.

He spoke of staying together and believing in each other even when the times were tough. "We talked about adversity, revealing character and not building it. We stayed together through a lot this year... Thru a lot of difficult times we could have questioned each other we could have questioned our coaching, we could have questioned ourselves, we could have questioned our team mates, but we didn't. God's rewarded us. God's blessed us. We've got joy right now, but even if it didn't happen for us, we still stayed together." 

Relaying to his team the lesson of never giving up in the face of any challenge, when times aren't going your way. 

In a moment that would have been easy to bask in the joy of doing something Auburn's Basketball program has not done since 1985, Coach Pearl passed on to his men some wisdom he gained thru his struggles in life. 

The first book of Samuel in the Bible talks of David slaying the Giant Goliath. When not one person on this Earth believed that it could be done, David, with the belief that he could, went and conquered the giant. 

I believe in Auburn....

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