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Saturday, March 28, 2015

About That QB Competition at Auburn

Plenty of QB competition at Auburn this Spring

As A Day approaches us at blistering speed, our thirst for some football is quantitative. There is a Quarterback competition at Auburn this spring. The two main competitors are Sean White and Jeremy Johnson.

Coach Gus Malzahn admitted that Jeremy Johnson had a significant head start in the race to see who will become the starting QB for Auburn this Fall. In the video just below, you can see why.

As you could easily deduce from this video, Jeremy Johnson won't have to run like Nick Marshall. Without any doubt Jeremy can run. I can tell you that #6 would run if the opportunity is there without any problem. His accuracy is so good, that he won't have to run nearly as much as we have run the past two seasons.

Auburn fans will remember watching the development of Nick Marshall as a passer. Often Marshall's passes were wobbly early in his Auburn career. His less than 60% pass completion rate during his 1st season at Auburn, was evidence to that. Marshall did progress, and became an efficient passer. That won't be a problem with Johnson.

The most important element to this offense being explosive and efficient will be team chemistry. This is why we see the coaching staff, especially Coach Malzahn talking about "trust" this spring.

One thing in particular is the return of so many key offensive personnel. In this next video, Jeremy is asked about several players that are back for the 2015 season. Johnson himself mentions the positions that are going to see major changes as well. Around the 9:30 mark, listen as the reporter asks Jeremy about Duke Williams return. As he is being asked, Jeremy's reaction is priceless.

This coming season is one that many will look to as a coming out party for Jeremy. I see it as a coronation. Odds are that Jeremy Johnson will be crowned the new driver to Malzahn's offense. It couldn't be in more capable hands.

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