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Thursday, June 5, 2014

It's Time: Kings of Alabama Basketball Championship

For years Auburn Basketball has accepted invitations to go play in other venues and be a part of other tournament settings. has the proof of this in this article

I say it's time we have a statewide champion named at least on a semi annual basis, in basketball. We have 12 or more basketball teams within our border. There should be an event to name the champion of our state when it comes to basketball.

If the schools would start working now, on the 2015  preseason schedule, they could make this happen sooner rather than later.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the "Kings of Alabama Basketball Tournament".

Projected tournament bracket

 The two teams that play for the Kings Crown would get four games in tournament action, which we can all agree would be good experience. 

The beauty of this tournament is that it wouldn't matter if  it were played preseason, or during the season. That could even be split up. The opening two rounds could be played in the preseason, and the final two games could be played on open dates in the regular season. 

As many teams as this great state has, there should be no problem filling an 8 team bracket at least every other year. If Auburn and Alabama were to play each other for the championship of this tournament, it could be counted as a non-conference game like the Capital City Classic baseball game each year.

My hope is that someone within Auburn Athletics can see how this would benefit every school in our state. Even if for some reason Alabama and Auburn both could not make the tournament one year, it would be a fantastic event.

A more grand trophy could possibly be the prize with the winner getting a copy to keep forever in the schools trophy case.

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