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Monday, June 30, 2014

Ode to Phillip Lutzenkirchen

Ode to 
Phillip Lutzenkirchen

We will miss you dear Friend Lutzy!
Your time here on earth is done!
Even now as you smile from Heaven,
Your Auburn family is missing  their son!

You truly represented Auburn well;
And we won't  forget your Heartfelt smile!
You kept moving your teammates forward,
taking the high road and extra mile!

Your spirit will forever surround us as we watch the Eagle Soar!;
And your soul will always  be resounded when we hear the Tiger roar!

You are gone but not forgotten!;
And We are sad there was no time for goodbye!,
But your Auburn Family Will always remember you
When we look towards that orange and blue sky!!

As for your close knit friends and family 
Who had no time to bid a fond farewell,
You have left them with a great legacy 
And many happy memories and fond stories to tell!!

So soar on the wings of the Eagle!
Keep smiling from above!
Your presence will remain on the plains in Auburn!
Thanks for sharing your AUsome love!

RIP Phillip Lutzenkirchen


The Poetic Tiger
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