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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Recruiting Etiquette

As most of you know, tomorrow is National Signing Day (NSD). It's a day of celebration for many families, or at least it should be. Everyone of these future superstars has been fed a long line of promises. Mostly by some of the most zealous coaches in the business. Most of the coaches are selling what these potential student athletes will be able to accomplish "if" they sign with each respective school. Others may be a little more over the top.

All of that was to tell you, these kids have been thru enough already. The last thing any of them need is to be ridiculed by any fan of a school they may not  have chosen to play for. Let's take a moment to look at some of the things you should, and should not do on NSD.

Should Not
A. Never call out a recruit for choosing another school to attend, instead of your favorite school.
B. Never call out a family member of a recruit for the same reason as above.
C. Never state opinions as facts when pertaining to the recruitment process. This applies to the coaches, and players of each school.
D. Never under any circumstance wish any player nothing but the very best in their college choice.

A. Thank a player, after it is official, that They have chosen to play for your school.
B. Thank the families of each player for their patience during the recruiting process.
C. Welcome each member of this signing class and their family to our family.
D. Make sure to tell each new Tiger that we are Auburn University, and we are a family. That we will support you thru thick and thin.

We understand how easy it is to get caught up in this whole process called recruiting. It is a long and winding road for the players, and their respective families. Each of us needs to realize that this is the first really big decision that these young people make that will have overriding repercussions that guides them in their  future. Your understanding of this is key to future recruiting classes.

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