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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Get To Know the Recruits

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We will take a look at some of the recruits committed to Auburn leading up to NSD ( National Signing Day ). 

 Our first look is a relatively unknown recruit who plays at a critical position for special teams. His name is Zach Wade. He is a long snapper, and a darn good one at that!  Here is what was written about Zach after he attended the Kohl's Kicking and Snapping Camp:

 Zach connected on 11/15 LS at the 2013 Underclassman Challenge with 8 traveling through the target. He finished camp with an average snap time of .71 seconds. Zach was a competitor at the 2012 Southern Showcase Event in December where he finished 4th overall and 3rd amongst the 2014 class. He scored 38/45 points and finished with an average snap time of .71 seconds with his camp best of .67 seconds coming on snap #1. Zach made 8/15 snaps through the target while scoring on 12/15. He is a full bodied snapper which allows for maximum velocity on his snaps and stays consistent from snap to snap. Zach also finished camp by winning the snap competition by connecting on 2/2.

Young Mr. Wade went on to earn a 5 star rating from the camp. If everything goes to plan, Zach will sign with Auburn on Feb 5th, and become a Tiger!
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