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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Tradition Continues

 Over the years Auburn's football teams have developed a tradition of excellence at the Defensive End position. This position alone has averaged over 11.0 sacks per season since 2007. The leading returner in sacks is Dee Ford, who received rave reviews in the spring from the new coaching staff.

 Currently there are three former Tigers in the NFL that played this position. So it goes that this would be a selling point to any new recruit looking to make an entrance into the NFL from college. 

 I would like to introduce to you the latest Auburn commit that should he continue with his commitment and sign with Auburn in February, will most likely be the next great Auburn player at the defensive end position. I give you Justin Thornton.

Let's hear from his high school coach first.

Now listen as he makes his decision to play at Auburn. He planned on making the announcement early, so that he could concentrate on his Senior season in high school. He chose to annonce on Mother's Day for his Mom. 

Listen to a proud Mom after Justin's announcement.

For all the theatrics we see each year, and for the sour taste some recruits and recruiters have instilled  in our thoughts, this is a refreshing change. welcome to the Auburn family Justin Thorton.


LINKS TO VIDEOS: Mom, Coach, Justin's 

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