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Monday, May 20, 2013

Dedicated to Greatness

 Picked outside the Top 10? So? 

 Picked outside the Top 25? Okay.

 Not picked at all in any preseason poll? Nothing new. In fact, Auburn football is right back where it  almost always is at this time of year, having to prove to the world that it has relevance in the naming of the Southeastern Conference football champion. Why would this upcoming football season be any different? To get the full answer we must look back, and only then can we truly look forward.

 This past season, we Auburn fans suffered through one of the worst seasons in Auburn football history. Only winning three games against nine losses proved to be the undoing of a coaching staff that had just two seasons previously taken Auburn and its fans to the pinnacle of the college football world.

 Now, with an entirely new coaching staff, we find ourselves having to start over earning respect, and proving to the world that we "belong". When in fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. We have no need in proving anything! 

 Auburn football has had 7 Perfect Seasons 12 Undefeated Seasons 11 Conference Championships Named #1 at the end of 9 Seasons 1910,1913,1914,1957,1958 1983,1993, 2004, and 2010. We have nothing to prove at all!   Except to ourselves. 

 We know the results from last season are an anomaly. A speed bump on our highway to greatness. Now is the time to fight and scratch our way back to the top.

 We have the players. Our recruiting has been among the best in the country. So say the experts. Every other Top 10 school in recruiting has been enjoying their bountiful harvests with winning seasons and Bowl appearances. While these recruiting experts occasionally miss on the rankings of high school athletes, the odds that they miscalculated those abilities of every Auburn recruit over the past three seasons  are greater than your chances of winning the Powerball. 

 Talent, and SEC coaching experience are bountiful at Auburn. The key element to stepping back on that podium in Atlanta is dedication. A dedication to excellence, a dedication to greatness of team, not just ones self.  How well this group pulls together, and pulls for each other, will determine their greatness. 

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