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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Are You a Champion?

2013 BCS Auburn Pep Rally. photo by John Pyle

Last year at the Iron Bowl, I had the pleasure of meeting Debi Robbe while tailgating before the game. Debi is a member of Fan of the Fans, an organization that has a unique way of looking at college football. 

Fan of the Fans hold a contest every year before the football season searching for the very best tailgating experience. Upon their trip to Auburn last season, they saw many that they thought could win their contest. I thought I would pass along some of the information to you so that, if you wanted, you could enter and win another National Championship for Auburn.

  When- 8/9/14
  Where - Georgia Dome Parking Lots
  Time - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  Why - To Celebrate the Spirit and  Power of the Passionate College Tailgating Fans

  You win as the best for your University, then your Conference, then National Championship
In my discussions with Ms. Robbe I asked her why they would do something like this, and what led them to do this? Here is her response: 
"When we visit college campuses we have found that tailgating comes in many forms but the key is always the entire lifestyle of a tailgate.  From food, drink, clothing, decor, transportation, pets, signs, sound and music, cheers, dances, flags and more.  But everyone feels like they belong to that Tailgating Family and their University. 

Seems to us that the fans create the passion and life of the athletics of the school.  We found that the focus of the celebrating is always directed at the athletes and little thanks or celebration is directed to the Fans!"
So, if you are interested in something like this, or just love great food, and want to check it out , we have the information for you below. 
  1) Enter! 
  2) Look at all the different categories - Figure out the categories that your entire tailgate   includes in their tailgate.
  3) What do you and your tailgate group do best? Food, Clothes - Men and Women, Kids, Pets, Decor, Flags, Jewelry, Retro Fit or Remodel, Games.
  4) See if your tailgating friends and family can help in anyway to fit in any category.
  5) So you don't have a big tailgate family and need equipment - Enter the Tailgating Relay Race and win Tailgating Equipment.
  6) Make new friends
  7) WIN OMAHA Steaks and School, Conference and National Bragging Rights!
Seems like a really fun time to me. You can contact Fan of the Fans many different ways. Please direct all of your questions to them. 

National Collegiate Tailgating Championship
We are Fans of the Fans!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Philip's Legacy

Photo courtesy of Christy G.  (tatershell)
We've been a hurting family for the last few days. We have wanted to help, with no physical way to do so. I've prayed for his family and friends, but wished I could do more. Now, we can.

Yesterday, Philip's family started the process of setting up a foundation in his honor. It takes a significant amount of money to begin a foundation. His family has called it 'Lutzie 43- I know God's Working so I Smile.' Philip's family wants to continue the loving spirit Philip showed everyone while he was here with us. Here is a link to the website.

Lutzie 43- I know God's working so I smile

Please give if you can. Even if it is only a small amount, give anyway. When we put it all together, it will add up. If you are uncomfortable donating online, the Lutzenkirchens have an address in Marietta where a donation can be mailed. Also, any Bank of America will take a donation if you let them know the name 'Lutzie 43- I know God's working so I smile.'

 We know Philip loved other people. Now our Lutzie had a unique way about him, but he showed love everyday to all sorts of people. He had a reach that was almost unbelievable. This would be a way that we can help to continue and keep his love around. We loved him, now let's do something so that others can love him too! We know there were several things Philip was passionate about. One was children with cancer. Another was Youth for Christ.

If you have questions, you can probably contact one of his sisters over twitter. They have all put this information in their twitter timelines. 

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday Musings: Auburn Athletics

photo courtesy of Auburn University Athletics

Hello once again everybody, and War Eagle! 

The young lady in the picture above is Breanna Barksdale.  She is a Sophomore on the Auburn Volleyball team. This team will be doing some damage in conference play this season, and should compete for the conference title.

The Auburn Volleyball team, coached by Rick Nold, will start it's season August 29th,  in Washington, D.C. in tournament play against George Washington. Coach Nold signed the 14th ranked class this past cycle, adding to an already impressive roster.

It's a beautiful July day as I write this post, and I want to share some things before we get back to our preseason look at the upcoming Auburn football schedule.

There are numerous "hype" videos surfacing. Here is one of the better ones. The audio is a little fuzzy, but the action is top notch.

This is late, and my apologies to Caroline McCombs who was named as the new head coach at Stony Brook Seawolves. Sincerest congratulations to Caroline, and much success in the future. 

War Eagle!

The Uncoverables -- Auburn Wide Receiver Hype Video

Monday, June 30, 2014

Ode to Phillip Lutzenkirchen

Ode to 
Phillip Lutzenkirchen

We will miss you dear Friend Lutzy!
Your time here on earth is done!
Even now as you smile from Heaven,
Your Auburn family is missing  their son!

You truly represented Auburn well;
And we won't  forget your Heartfelt smile!
You kept moving your teammates forward,
taking the high road and extra mile!

Your spirit will forever surround us as we watch the Eagle Soar!;
And your soul will always  be resounded when we hear the Tiger roar!

You are gone but not forgotten!;
And We are sad there was no time for goodbye!,
But your Auburn Family Will always remember you
When we look towards that orange and blue sky!!

As for your close knit friends and family 
Who had no time to bid a fond farewell,
You have left them with a great legacy 
And many happy memories and fond stories to tell!!

So soar on the wings of the Eagle!
Keep smiling from above!
Your presence will remain on the plains in Auburn!
Thanks for sharing your AUsome love!

RIP Phillip Lutzenkirchen


The Poetic Tiger