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Friday, August 4, 2017

"Faith" & Auburn Football

Traditions at Toomer's Corner

With the release of the Amway Coaches Poll this week, we find that Auburn is ranked inside the Top 15 at #13.

For some, expectations are through the roof. Others aren't sold on the Tigers. 
Earlier this week, Lauren Shute of SEC Country quoted Andy Staples of Sports Illustrated. Staples said: "The team we seem to be putting the most faith in, without evidence, is Auburn."

It's easy to understand the "faith" part of that statement when we read an article by Andrew Lopez of The Times Picayune &

"Probably the biggest thing that's standing out to me about this team is that they're hungry," Malzahn said at SEC Media Days on Thursday. "They're hungry and they've got something to prove. And really the last time I felt this was 2013. So that's a good comfort for me."

Another reason for "Faith" is the QB situation at Auburn this season. With the transfer of QB Jarrett Stidham, comes an undeniable presence of talent at the QB position. 

Take a look at these highlights. A video created by the artist known simply as "Footballer."

First thing I noticed is the timing on the crossing routes. Where Stidham has to complete his pass to a receiver running across the field, rather than down the field along the sidelines.
Nearly all of the throws are on the money. Jarrett seems to have a quicker release than Sean White has shown thus far in his time at Auburn. 
The upside to the arrival of Stidham? Whether he wins the job or not, Auburn has quality experienced depth at this position for the first time since Gus Malzahn has been named head coach.

One thing is sure. Auburn football is just around the corner. It's going to be an exciting season. I have faith in that.


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