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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Giving Gus Some Credit

Gene Chizik paces the Auburn sideline. photographer: unknown

Let me take you back in time a bit. It's 2010 and Auburn had just won a national championship at football. It's first in 53 years. Everyone was happy, right? Well, not exactly.

During the spring of 2011 a former Auburn player had come back to Auburn to train with then strength and conditioning coach Kevin Yoxall.  He noticed a change had taken place and that the fear of missing one of Coach Yoxall's training sessions had been "Taken AWAY."

The 2011season came around and lo and behold the fast Auburn offense was moving at a considerably slower pace. Most blamed the head coach Gene Chizik for meddling with Gus' HUNH offense. 

The 2012 Auburn's football team played below mediocre. Gus had moved on to take the head coaches position at Arkansas State. 

Many thought Gus was the reason that Auburn won the national championship in 2010. Change had to happen and fast at Auburn. 

Jay Jacobs formed a committee, of which he was not a part of, to search for the best coach in the business. The choice was unanimous, Gus Malzahn was their man.
And so it began.

Since Gus' return Auburn has played in a national championship game in 2013. Set a record for A Day attendance, and season ticket sales. 

Auburn has continually recruited inside the Top 10 in the nation. Continuing to bring the very best athletes to our football program. 

The biggest complaint on Gus from fans and media alike is that the program did not meet media expectations in 2016. MEDIA EXPECTATIONS! 

More football players are graduating, and indeed the 2 year APR rose significantly under Gus' watch.  

With the new contract extension announced, Gus will be with us for few more years to come. That means stability in a program that desperately needs it. 

I full well realize that a significant improvement NEEDS to take place on the football field this season. I have stated that many times. 

The question is: If I know this is what needs to happen, don't you think Gus and his staff know this as well? 

While I respect the opinions of many, if not all of my readers, I would like to see some restraint in calling for the axe to fall. 

Let's all get behind Gus. His accomplishments far outweigh his lack of wins on the field in 2015.

War Eagle!
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