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Thursday, November 12, 2015

AU vs Georgia Sat. Nov. 14, 2015 Poem

I believe in the Auburn Tigers!
I believe in our men of Orange and Blue;
Who now also believe in each other;
Soon everyone will believe in them too!!

Our Tigers came alive in Texas!
Everything seemed to click!
They knew they needed redemption!
And they knew they needed it quick!!

With pride and confidence,
 they took charge of the game!!
The spark quickly ignited;
Starting a flame!!

All of their pent up emotions;
Were soon laid  out on that field,
Bringing  a true heartfelt meaning 
To “Ever to conquer, ‘Never to Yield”!!

Some call it a rebirth!!
Some say a restoration!!
All I know is our Tigers are back,
With something to prove to the SEC nation!

They are now playing with pride!!;
And playing with heart!!
It was just the boost they needed,
To get a fresh start!!!

There is nothing they cannot accomplish!!
There is no mountain too high!
With War Eagle strength, we will spread our wings;
And take flight in the sunlit sky!

On Saturday we will protect our house!
Beating Georgia Bulldogs is our sole desire!!
Expect a triumphant win for our Tigers!
We are on the prowl and we are on fire!!


poetic tiger

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