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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Auburn Football and Duke Drama

Entirely too much has been made of the situation surrounding Duke Williams. The preseason All-SEC selection at Wide-Out has been suspended due to disciplinary issues. 

Coach Malzahn has stated that he could "return to the team when" he completes his appointed items of punishment. Notice Coach Malzahn said "when" not "if."

Jeremy Johnson, starting QB has zero worries about the abscense of Williams.

Is Duke Williams a physical threat, and does have really good instincts as a receiver? Yes! 

Is Duke Williams the only player on the Auburn offense with that particular skill set? No! In fact, I'd argue that are at least 3 others based on past performances alone. Ricardo Louis, Marcus Davis, and Melvin Ray all possess these attributes.

If there is any position on the Auburn football team that could continue without skipping a beat after losing a starter, it would be the Wide Out group. So, let us all breathe a little easier, and lets not make too much out of this. Okay?

In the mean time, lets also pray that Duke can fight thru whatever this seems to be, and become a better man for it, an Auburn Man.

War Eagle!
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